Taurus – Feb The first week has a Full Moon in Leo 4 house making home and family issues a bit emotional. You may have to reconsider the feelings of others as they may be feeling a bit insecure. This is a good time to balance family and career responsibilities. You may make changes in the home that will reflect a new sense of personal security. Jupiter moves forward in your 12th house bringing opportunities for spiritual reflection, and a deep sense of personal awareness so keep time for meditation. If you have been feeling insecure allow your deeper being to connect with the spiritual energies and angels around you.

Taurus 2 Venus will be in your 11th house so take time for friends and networking. Your smile can bring many opportunities. Since She conjuncts Neptune on the 15 your creative and imaginary powers will be enhanced in group projects. You may be open to new romantic situations but do make sure your not just spinning a friendship into a relationship that is just a pipe dream.

Taurus 3 – the sun will conjunct Saturn so this is an important time for a serious look at how you are participating in career projects. You must understand the system you work in and you must prove yourself to yourself and higher-ups. This is a time of recognition, and more responsibility if you have followed the right path. If you have no frustration and a sense of personal limitations can overtake you. Don’t get stuck in negativity and keep your nose to the grindstone. The New Moon in Pisces on the 20 th asks you to take a break from the social scene to recharge your batteries and spiritual essence.

Taurus 4 – the month ends with Venus joining the Moon and Jupiter in Aries in your twelfth house bringing a sense of success and hidden opportunities that follow a time of spiritual rebirth. You need to follow your intuition and make sure you are living a life that fits your values. Listen to your dreams and find gold in the ideas that come to you in quiet times. Some good fortune might come your way for good deeds done in the past.