Taurus – the month opens with a beautiful Venus and Jupiter sextile that connects your 3rd house of communications with your 5th house of pleasure You have a green light for travel, fun and new experiences. Your mind is curious so tackle any intellectual challenges. Start a new course that will develop your analytical skills. You may experience a great deal of pleasure discussing ideas with others and you may be able to express yourself with the power of drama.

Taurus – The Sun and Mercury in your 3 house oppose Pluto in your 9 th house of understanding. There are ideas and details that need to be handled in our everyday world. Then there are big ideas that move the spirit. Balance your mind between the two. The Venus Square to Uranus in your 12 warns you not to be manipulated by political or religious fanatics who use fear to cause suffering and chaos. You need to over come your fears to develop your inner peace.

Taurus – the conjunction of Mercury and Venus 4 will be helpful if you’re willing to communicate your feelings without too much emotion. Try to create balance and harmony in the family and life will become less stressful and more enjoyable. The trine to Saturn in your 8 suggests you take an earthy approach to intimacy. Make sure your deeper passions are on the same wave length as your partners and if your planning to make any future investments that every ones on the same page