Taurus – (1 the month begins with Mars in the 12th house of limitations square Pluto in the 9 h of understanding. This powerful energy warns you not to allow your fears to create misunderstanding by being overly ambitious. Mercury in the 2 house of money squares Neptune in the 11 house of Associates. This is not a good time to borrow or lend money, especially to friends, it can become a loss. Mars moves into earthy Taurus increasing your energy and desire for nature and Mercury moves into cancer aiding communications, especially with siblings and neighbors

Taurus- (2) the second week is exciting as the Sun and Mercury sextile Uranus in 1 binging opportunity to express your personality and prove your ideas will work. Venus trine Saturn in your 10 house may bring common sense help from career advisors. Listen to the voice of reason. Just be a bit careful at the end of the week when the emotional full moon pits your ambitions against the ideas of others. Venus in the 2 house Squares Neptune in the 11 house of associates. This can bring a state of confusion in group projects so don’t allow your emotions to blind you.

Taurus – (3) the third week begins with the Sun 3 trine Neptune in the 11 house. This is a gentle energy that promises an increase in spiritual awareness and creative expression. Take some time to use your imagination to benefit group projects. The middle of the week becomes more challenging as the Sun and Mercury in the 3 house oppose Pluto in the 9 th house. This may put you at odds between your personal ideas and the beliefs of others. Beware of trying to manipulate people to get ahead and not believe everything that you see or hear. The truth may be elusive

Taurus – (4) The fourth week is a week of challenge. Venus in the 3 squares and Jupiter in the 12 house warns against feelings of loss and isolation. Mercury in the 4 house square both Mars and Uranus warn against aggressive and willful action in your pursuit of ego gratification. Jupiter turns retrograde in your 12 t house joining the New Moon energy again suggesting a need to curb family squabbles. Review your approach to creating personal security. Mercury opposes Saturn to end the month on a serious note suggesting you limit career responsibilities