Taurus – The month begins with a disruptive Moon Uranus conjunction in your 12th house
It can shake up the unconscious part of your nature. You may realize how much fear shapes your existence. Investigate the roots of past failures for a new stream of spiritual energy and renewal is here. A number of challenging aspects form a loose cosmic cross on the 3rd and 4 th which may bring things back down to earth with a thud and teach you the truth of self control. You may need to repair any bruised egos.

Taurus – Mars retrograde in your 7 house bringing challenges in relationships and public settings. Your desires and the needs of others may create conflicts between you that are not easy to balance. Be aware that his opposition to Mercury in your 1house tells you to be careful with what you say and how you say it. If you are too willful or erratic you will have problems.

Taurus – Mercury in the 2 house opposes Saturn in the 8. They are joined in a mystical dance with Neptune in your 11. This is a powerful T Square that is intensified by the full Moon on the 20 th. You need to discuss your understanding of intimacy and learn how to share on a deeper level with others. Neptune’s spiritual influence suggests you need to clarify your involvement with social groups. They must be true to their mission or you will need to find new friends. It is important for you to use wisdom as you move to the future.

Taurus –a gentle combination of energy fills the air as Venus in your 3 house trines spiritual Neptune in your 11 house. Put on your social butterfly for you have the opportunity to connect with a lot of people. Go out, join a new social group and use the power of your gentleness to attract new friends to your corner. They’ll feel comfortable around you.