Taurus – (1) the month begins with the Venus in your 3 house of intellect trines Jupiter in your 11 house of associates. You have an opportunity to spend interesting time with like-minded people. Social gatherings can be very enjoyable. Mars also in the 3 house opposes Pluto in the 9 th. You must balance your thoughts between what you believe and the beliefs of others. This can help you develop a more comprehensive vision for the future as you understand what motivates other people.

Taurus – (2) the second week begins with a New Moon in your 2 house of resources and money. You may be able to find new ways to make money by developing and sharing your talents. This can be important as Mars will enter Leo and your 4 house. His action-oriented energy will help you deepen yourself and your most important connections. You must be a little careful not to be too demanding and you must know what you are seeking in life. Personal power can be enhanced through disciplined action.

Taurus – (3) the third week may be the most challenging of the month as stoic Saturn in the 10 house Squares erratic Uranus in the 1. You will have to be aware of your ego and the way you express yourself. Tried and true methods may not work so be a bit experimental. This may be particularly true as expansive Jupiter goes retrograde in your 11 house of associates. This may be an important time to re-evaluate the energy you give to others. Your values should mirror your social groups or find new friends.

Taurus – (4) The fourth week features some easy and challenging energy. The good news is Mercury goes direct in Gemini and your 2 house of resources and money. This may help you find new ways of making and investing money. It’s also a good time to learn new skills. But be careful not to confuse yourself as Neptune will go retrograde in your 11 house of associates. Pause and take stock of your emotional involvement. They must help you express the highest qualities of your spirituality.