Taurus – The month begins on a note of caution as the last quarter moon conjuncts Saturn in your 8 house and squares Jupiter in the 5. You may be receiving mixed messages as Saturn brings delay and Jupiter optimism. You need to balance these opposing forces by listening to the voice of wisdom especially when it come to intimacy and investments. If you are a bit careful now you will have more time to enjoy a romantic fling and you’ll have the money to pay for it.

Taurus – Mars is transiting your 8 of shared resources, rebirth and renewal. Your intuition is stimulated as is your sensuality so listen carefully to your feelings about other people. Business or financial deals may come to a good conclusion at this time. Just remember to negotiate fairly and check the details. This is a good time to purge yourself of bad habits. control and purify your desires and renew your faith in other people. Give to others what you expect to receive in return.

Taurus – the conjunction of Venus and Neptune in the 11 will inspire you when working in social groups or professional associations. You feel a growth in spiritual understanding as you join others in humanitarian pursuits. Your sensuality and compassion are heightened and you may fall in love with a passionate stranger. Just look before you leap for Neptune does have a nebulous side. Know who to be involved with ,and who to avoid the same goes for social issues.

Taurus – a complex T – square pits the pleasure planet Venus in your 11 of associates against expansive Jupiter in your 5 of pleasure while restrictive Saturn goes stationary retrograde in your 8 of shared energy. This is a tricky aspect that may leave you feeling at odds with yourself. You may be attracted to friends and associates who have a plan to cure the evils of the world. But you have your own needs for pleasure and giving too much time to others can leave you unfulfilled. Saturn’s retrograde warns you to be careful with the energy and resources you share with others.