Taurus – Venus transiting Taurus, the sign she rules and your 1 house of Personality gives you a hypnotic smile and gentle inspiration that can change your sense of self and your ability to influence others. Her Conjunction to Uranus helps you express creative ideas you have in writing or other forms of communication. But don’t be too willful or independent. Mercury returns to direct motion in your 11, you’ll feel more intuitive and your ability to communicate more clearly will open doors to new understanding. Saturn entering Aquarius and your 10 house ask you to focus on your ambitions in career or social situations. You must be willing to take measured steps to find your success. A sensual Jupiter, Venus, Pluto Trine enhances the last weekend of the month. Jupiter and Pluto in the 9 seek opportunities through travel, higher education, and religious expression. Venus in the 1 house brings magnetism that will attract and inspire others.