Taurus – (1) the month begins with 3 planets in three signs energizing your 9 – 10 & 11 th houses. The Venus Mars-Pluto conjunction exposes secrets, instigates violence and may put political leaders in danger. You may see a change in your understanding of the world and you may have to adjust some of your cherished beliefs. Mercury Saturn and the Moon together in the 10 th house can bring new responsibilities in your career. the Sun Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces and your 11 th house asks you to share your creativity and spirituality for a good cause.

Taurus – (2) the second week begins with Venus and Mars moving into Aquarius and your 10 house. This is a positive aspect that connects you to career success. It can bring opportunities through creative efforts and a new approach to your responsibilities. There may be a hint of romance in the air. The Moon will trine Pluto from the first to ninth houses bringing awareness of people’s beliefs. There may be opportunities to follow your ambitions but you must do so with a respect for the ambitions of others. Maintain a logical approach but remember the power of emotions.

Taurus – (3) the third week highlights a major focus of energy in your11 house with Mercury, Jupiter Neptune, and the Sun all in the highly sensitive psychic sign Pisces. This is a great time to new make connections. Get out of your comfort zone and pursue networking opportunities. Your humanitarian instincts are growing and you may feel you are able to connect with people on a higher spiritual and creative level. You may find that you can win over more hearts with compassion and kindness. Gentle persuasion can be a powerful weapon towards your goals.

Taurus – (4) the fourth week has the Sun entering your 12 house and you may feel some discomfort or confusion. This is a powerful and inspiring energy that can increase your ability to examine your fears and inhibitions. A little effort can help clear away self-defeating attitudes. Mercury and Jupiter conjunct in your 11 th house may bring messages from your friends and associates. Listen carefully for there may be opportunities for success. This is a good time to network. Mars Square Uranus warns you not to try to control other people but rather control yourself.