Taurus – The month opens with a beautiful Venus-Jupiter conjunction in your twelfth house. This is a great time for self-reflection and spiritual growth. You have help from behind the scenes and you should listen to your dreams. There is a bit of good luck in working quietly with others and you may feel you have a guardian angel helping you. Mercury will Conjunct Saturn so you must maintain a sense of seriousness in business. Make sure you have a real purpose. But the most important event is when Saturn enters Pisces for the first time in 28 years bringing a new cycle of growth. You must learn how to make connections on a deep and powerful level so network with important people to attain your goals.

Taurus – week 2 opens with gentle energy as Venus sextiles Mars and Mercury sextiles Uranus this is a good time to have a quiet visit with intimate friends. The Sun and Mercury conjuncts Neptune in your eleventh house and Mars Squares the elusive Neptune from the second house of money and resources creating an atmosphere of uncertainty. This may disrupt your ability to follow your budget and force you to slow down important decisions concerning income and investments. You must be careful to check the details before spending. The week ends as Venus in the twelfth house squares Pluto in the ninth house of higher mind warning you to know what you value and what you need to learn.

Taurus – The 3 week opens with an exact Sun Mercury Conjunction in your eleventh house. You need to take time to explore your connection to others. The exact nature of this aspect is called combust and tends to focus people on their own interests. This can cause some irritation. You need to clarify your mind and your hopes for the future. A few sextiles will help modify this energy but Mars will square the Sun and Mercury from your second house of resources. You need to be in control of your money, your budget, and your need for spending. This warns you to be careful not to allow impulsiveness to break the bank just because you want to impress others.

Taurus – The month ends with mental Mercury joining expansive Jupiter in Aries and your twelfth house bringing a new sense of introspective thinking and meditation to your life. You want to expand your ability to understand what deeply motivates you and what you believe in. You’ll also be willing to see how you may have limited yourself and how you can overcome your fears. Venus conjuncts unstable Uranus in your first house of expression so put your best foot forward and influence new friends. A nice trine between Saturn and Mars from your eleventh to second house suggests you might stumble upon a new investment opportunity through friends or business associates.