Taurus – Venus shines her gentle light in your third house all month. You can use her energy to communicate your feelings with gentle persuasion Take advantage of the new ideas that come to you. Analyze them for their usefulness, write them down and take every opportunity to express them. You can be quite dramatic when you want. A surprising & exciting gift of romance and pleasure can come your way on the 25 th as Venus squares unpredictable Uranus and you are very charismatic.

Taurus – Mars is transiting your 2 nd house of resources. His energy will stimulate your ambition and sense of power. You will have a heightened drive for success with a focus on money. Good investment ideas should be investigated but do not fall for quick money making schemes. You may consider following your dreams for money and power but you are cautioned not to gamble your savings. Let your shrewd and sharp logic win the day over any confusing emotional needs.

Taurus – Mercury Retrograde in 2nd House suggests that you watch your budget. You need to be wise about money because if you bet your money on a hunch or a proposal full of promise you may come up short. Check all the details in financial dealings because the little things can add up. Know where your money is going and what you are getting in return. Put your money in a safe place around the 27 when Mars joins Mercury. Impulsive spending may hurt your credit rating.