Taurus – Mercury begins the month retrograde in your 1st House and your sign suggests that you need to be extra cautious in communications and travel. Watch what you say because your logic filter may be out to lunch. Good manners will help mitigate misunderstanding as common sense will help in communications. Don’t be stubborn when you need to be flexible. Mercury’s direct motion on the 22 nd will help eliminate any misunderstanding and bring a new sense of direction to your appearance and personal energy.

Taurus – Jupiter moves direct in your 5 th house of pleasure bringing a new wave of energy that will increase your ability to enjoy and share pleasure. You may thank your lucky stars as new projects started now will shine with a special creative touch. He also increases your ability to enjoy a special sense of intimacy with the one you love. Just remember that too much of a good thing can be destructive you so maintain some common sense.

Taurus – the Full Moon falls in your 8 of rebirth and sensuality. Your feelings and sensuality are increased and your may be on edge. You tend to keep your feet on the ground but others may not be as controlled as you are. Give them gentle direction. This may be true in intimate matters or business negotiations. Give wisdom freely but watch your wallet for money is in play.

Taurus – Venus is in the 2 house inspires you to go shopping but before you do, make sure you have some extra money to spend. Check your savings, bank balance and investments. Her opposition to Mars in the 8 house warns you not to be too enthusiastic in your social pursuits. You may be dealing with people who have a hidden agenda or different values. You would be wiser to slow down, control your desires and deepen your understanding of others.