Taurus – The month begins as Mercury is transiting your 12th house of limitations. Seek clarity and emotional stability. You’ll feel better. A challenge from Saturn and Pluto in your ninth house warns you that not everything you hear will be the truth. Venus brings her charm to your12 house adding a sense of sympathy to your energy. You’ll benefit from meditation and healing. Her trine to Jupiter in your 8 house on the 9th helps you face your fears and grow. Mercury transits your 1 house and trines Saturn and Pluto in your 9 house from the 16 – 18 th. Check details they could impact your success. Pluto compels you to examine your beliefs. The trine from Mercury can help you express yourself with clarity and purpose. Mercury enters your 2 house. A practical approach leads to savings and good investments. The Square to Neptune in your 11 on the 29 th can challenge you in social situations. Do not allow yourself to be manipulated.