Taurus – (1) the month begins with the Sun Conjunct Uranus in your first house of personality. You may have a new sense of freedom and independence. If you are too radical you may face a backlash from others as Saturn will square the Sun mid-week. Mercury and Venus will move into Gemini and your second house do not overextend yourself.
(2) the second week begins with a New Moon in your first house bringing a new cycle of personal expression and opportunity. Jupiter enters Pisces and your 11 house of Groups. This can be an excellent transit with a lot of promise if you use common sense.
(3) the third week the sun enters your second house of resources. This is a good time to know what you have and what you need. Saturn goes retrograde in your 10 house. You must learn from your experiences in career and social situations.
(4) The fourth week begins with a Full Moon that challenges you to keep your investments safe and sound. This can be difficult for there is also a confusing square to Neptune. To compound the issue Mercury goes retrograde in its own sign and your 2 house.