Taurus – (1) the month begins with a number of positive aspects linking Venus Jupiter Mars and Uranus. These are all energizing interactions that suggest things will be moving fast. You may become involved with a new group of people who believe the same way you do and want to make positive changes in the world. The Sun will conjunct Uranus asking you to be more independent and original without being too radical or you’ll shake up the boat. A nice sextile to Mars suggests you spend time with new associates and learn new technological skills.

Taurus- (2) the second week may be slightly calmer but don’t let your guard down as Jupiter enters your 12 house of limitations and Mercury goes RX in your 2 house warning you to be very careful with money and finances. Mercury is RX in his own sign so expect bumps in business deals and some good ideas may now look bad. The Full Moon at the end of the week connects your 1 house of personality and 7 th house of partners. Be willing to listen to ideas and cooperate on important projects. Be aware of how you are acting when in the public arena.

Taurus – (3) the third week begins with some highly unusual energy beginning with Mars Conjunct Neptune in your 11 house. This can be a blessing or confusing energy when you’re dealing with groups of people. You should follow your intuition but maintain common sense. Your imagination is stronger than reality. RX Mercury joins the Sun in the 2 house which warns against confusion, especially in financial planning and money. Think twice before investing. The end of the week settles down as mischievous Mercury is grounded in your sign.

Taurus- (4) the fourth week tells you to focus your inner energy as Mars enters Aries and 12 house. You may feel irritated and don’t understand why. You should focus on personal issues but don’t be too independent. If you need help ask and it may appear. Mars joins Jupiter mid-week so new opportunities for healing and understanding come your way. This is a powerful energy that can help you overcome obstacles or make you unstable, use it wisely. A New Moon in the 2 house opens new financial opportunities. Use your talents to make more money.