Taurus — Neptune in your 11th house brings a new sense of connection to your most important friendships. You feel a growth in spiritual understanding as you join others in humanitarian pursuits. Its like being at a cosmic tea party. But Neptune also has a dark side so be a bit careful with people who would try to manipulate your feelings to get what they want. The Sun’s trine to Neptune in the 7 brings a touch of romance in social and relationship issues. You may fall in love with a deep passionate stranger.

Taurus Uranus 12 has stimulated your inner and spiritual nature bringing you unusual dreams and sudden inspiration. If you’ve listened closely you will see the future unfold. Open yourself through prayer and unlock your hidden potential. A beautiful trine from Venus in the 8 house intensifies your sensual nature. You might find that you have the ability to join your resources with others for financial gain and some intimate excitement.

Taurus – Mars moves into in your10 stimulating your ambition and drive for success. You’ll be willing to work hard to get ahead and you may get cooperation from those in power. Be careful to keep your methods above board. You want recognition and you have the courage to pursue it. Discipline and hard work help over come obstacles but do not steam roll others.

Taurus – The Mercury Saturn conjunction 8 warns you to be careful when dealing with others on an intimate and financial basis. You may think you know what others are thinking but you may be wrong. Their emotional needs may be different than yours. Let go of preconceived notions and negative habit patterns. You must make adjustments in finances if necessary and clarify your needs when dealing on an intimate level.

Taurus – A powerful conjunction of Venus and Pluto in your 9 intensifies your need to be convinced that your beliefs are right for everyone. But have they brought you understanding or bondage. If others have put chains or burdens on your mind break them now and establish your true essence. The square from Jupiter in your 6 house is excessive & warns you that there is work to be done. You must maintain a sense of reality and be efficient. You don’t have to agree with bosses but you do have to be productive.