Taurus – Mercury Retrograde in 6th house warns you to pay attention to your responsibilities at work. You are known for your attention to detail but this energy breads confusion and disarray especially in the daily routines that you rely upon for your sanity. Make sure the alarm clock is working, check schedules and workflow for glitches and make sure your projects stay within the proper deadlines and parameters. Remember, work worry can effect your health and well being.

Taurus – the Lunar Eclipse in your 12 conjunct Uranus suggests balance must be maintained or you may experience a conflict between your personal routines, work responsibilities and your need for quiet time. Work can be busy & demanding but if you’ve been under stress & tension for too long you’ll need to decompress. Look at your responsibilities and see if you can handle them in a more efficient and less emotional manner. If your energy is drained you can’t perform well. Yoga, tai-chi, prayer and meditation can bring a spiritual renewal.

Taurus – Venus in the 7 th house demands that you get out in front of the public for your steady nature will help you build partnerships on a personal and professional levels. You have public responsibilities that you can handle very well but be aware that others need for public recognition can create some jealousy