Taurus -The month begins with a friendly trine that connects the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Gemini. This is a beneficial combination which can help you finish up any important work projects and be ready for fun. You’ll find the cooperation you need from others and you may even benefit from a few extra dollars. Keep your wits about you and put the money in the bank.

Taurus – when Mercury returns to direct motion after the 9 th in your 6, you’ll feel more balanced and your ability to communicate more clearly in work situations improves. This will help eliminate any misunderstanding and bring a new sense of productive energy which will help you move forward in business projects. This is a good time to start a diet or health routine. Go for it

Taurus- the recent entry of Jupiter into your 5 house of pleasure has brought you opportunities for expansion in the area of romance and creativity. You may have to discipline yourself so you can expand your creative expression and romantic nature. then the trine to Pluto in your 9 house of understanding may help you blend your approach to life with the ambitions of your higher nature. This can expand your influence in the world and lead to future success. But use common sense.

Taurus – Venus and Jupiter conjunction in Virgo and your 5 house on the 25 th. You have a green light for pleasurable activities and should take every opportunity to express your creative and sensual side. You will be openly romantic and sensitive so don’t be fooled by a romantic fantasy it hasn’t proven itself. And be careful not to overindulge enclosure. Share your strengths with others and control your weaknesses.