Taurus – The month begins with as beautiful Venus in your 7 house trines sensitive Neptune on the 1 st in your 11 house . Put on your social butterfly for you have the opportunity to connect with a lot of people. Go out, join a new social group and use the power of your gentleness to attract new friends to your corner. Partners will share your glowing energy.

Taurus – a spike of energy occurs when Mars in the 9 squares Jupiter on the 5 th in your sixth house of health and work. Be willing to make adjustments in your daily routine. A sensible diet and exercise will help you. Mercury’s square to Jupiter suggests unexpected duties may come your way in work. You would be smart to handle even the smallest details without any complaints.

Taurus – a powerful square from the Sun on the 7 th in your sixth house of work and service to Pluto in your ninth house of understanding. Sometimes the petty details of life can be over whelming. This can lead to fear, a loss of effectiveness and low energy. You may need some quiet and rest. The Square to Pluto may bring big changes in your understanding of the power of belief and ambition.

Taurus – Mars conjunct Pluto on the 19 th in your 9 intensifies your mental understanding. Increase the power of your mind through study on the physical or philosophical plane. Deepen your beliefs but also respect others so you can move to the future. When Mars Squares Uranus on the 28 th in your 12 Your subconscious, super-conscious and spiritual mind will be energized. Use this energy to identify and release yourself from fears and worries by conquering them but don’t be stupid – get help if you need it.

Taurus – Venus has been shining her light in your 8 enhancing business activities and adding gentleness in intimate relationships. You intuition is empowered and you may feel a sense of psychic renewal. But her conjunction to Saturn on the 29 th reminds you that you must be careful with joint finances and property held in common. Make sure you are willing to share equally with others or they will withhold their support.