Taurus – (1) the month begins with a happy connection between Mars in the 2 house of money and Jupiter in your 12 house of limitations. This is an important time to know what you want and what you really need since Jupiter’s RX can throw off your common sense. Then Mercury will oppose Jupiter the next day bringing missed messages at work and scheduling issues. Watch what you say to co-workers they may be off balance. Venus will end the week by moving into earthy Virgo and your 5 house turning your thoughts to the fun. You may start a new romance.

Taurus- (2) the second week opens with a bit of a bump as Mercury goes RX in your 6 house of work followed by a Full Moon that could test anyone’s sense of reality and warns you to be careful with associates. If you have any bones to pick with associates tread carefully. You’ll be happy you did as the middle of the week has a challenging Moon, Uranus, and Saturn hookup that can affect your personality and career. The end of the week is no better as a Neptune opposition to the Sun in your 5 house again brings misunderstandings in your pursuit of pleasure & romance.

Taurus – (3) the third week brings a bit of relief after a Mercury Jupiter opposition. It once again suggests communications may be an issue at work. Make sure your hidden inhibitions don’t overcome your common sense. Cooperation is a necessity on important issues. A Trine between the Sun and Pluto can help with your ambitions and Venus trine Uranus can bring you new opportunities for pleasure and romance. The week ends with Venus in opposition to nebulous Neptune in the 11 house so keep your pursuit of pleasure under control.

Taurus – (4) The fourth week begins with tension in the air as the New Moon in the 6 house of work opposes Jupiter in your 12 house of self-undoing. This may challenge you to be on your best behavior when dealing with co-workers and bosses. Taking care of everyday responsibilities will pay off later in the week as active Mars Trines steady Saturn in your 10house of career. This can bring a new sense of cooperation in important business and career situations. Venus enters romantic Libra at the end of the week restoring a sense of harmony to work relationships.