Mercury is retrograde 1/20 – 2/11 Aquarius in your 10 house be careful in business communications small mistakes can be blown out of proportion. Dot your I’s. 5/18 – 6/11 Gemini in your 2 house you may need to readjust your budget for unexpected expenses. Watch your cash flow. 9/17 – 10/9 Libra in your 6 house cooperation will be very important in work. Follow instructions.

Venus – Goddess of Love and your ruling planet is in your sign 3/17 – 4/11/2015 you could settle down with a new love and start creative projects. She also smiles on you from 10/9 – 11/8/2015 when you can put the details of a new deal together. The little careful with new people and overindulgence from 7/25 – 9/6/2015 when she retrogrades.

Mars is in your sign and 1 house from 4/1 – 5/12/2015. You may find that your more adventurous than usual and you’re willing to step out of the box to get what you want. Just remember this is a difference between the determination and willfulness. He inspires you to take creative and romantic action 9/26 – 11/12/2015 when is in the compatible sign of Virgo

Jupiter starts the year retrograde in your 4 and the sign Leo this may put a hold on home and family issues until 4/8/2105 then you get a green light to pursue your desire to grow a deeper sense of emotional security based on personal connections. He moves into Virgo and your 5 house on August 11, 2015 You feel free to pursue your creative vision and desire for intimacy with the one you love. Introduce new creative techniques to stalled projects and watch them take off to the future.

Saturn moves into Sagittarius and your 8 house for the first time in 29 years. You need to deepen your understanding the power of intimacy and the ability to use other people resources with your own. What do you give to others and do you expect in return. He will retrograde back into your 7 house of partners and the public from 6/16 till 9/19. Take this time to review the lessons you’ve learned about your responsibility to partners and how you have integrated your private and public roles in life. Now you can move ahead.

Uranus has brought change energy to your 12 house of spirituality for the past few years. He’s given you the energy and opportunity to look inside to root out fears and inhibitions that have been holding you back. Your having a spiritual renewal. The final Square to Pluto in your 9 house will deepen your understanding by challenging your beliefs about the world. You must learn to broaden your understanding and use knowledge in a productive manner. Knowledge brings power.

Neptune brings his subtle and creative energy to your 11 house. He Inspires you to get involved with humanitarian groups. Your charisma increases as does your sensitivity which will attract you to social projects and creative friends. Neptune is retrograde from June till November so make sure you share the same values as your friends.