March 2012

Venus and Jupiter Conjunct in Taurus. March may be known as the month of madness but this year it may well be known as the month of pleasure as Venus and Jupiter join hands for a romantic walk through the sign of Taurus. Venus rules this earthy sign so her romantic and pleasurable side may be willing and able and Jupiter has been known to dabble in the sweet things of life. So do be a bit careful and know what you’re getting into for this is also a fixed sign and something started here may have some permanent roots. Here are the interpretation for each of the twelve signs for March 2012.:

Aries – Venus and Jupiter transit the second house of money and personal resources. Do collect any money that is due you. Use the power of attraction to bring nice gifts and attention. And please express affection to those you love. But don’t overindulge on sweets and heavy foods for you may expand your waist line. You may feel lucky and prosperous but don’t take foolish gambles. Overconfidence destroys opportunities while sound decisions bring personal rewards.

Taurus – Venus and Jupiter transit your first house of outward personal expression. Do use your charm and warmth to attract what you need in life. Enjoy positive experiences that allow you to expand your influence among others. They will love your glow. This is an expansive time when opportunities abound – use wisdom. Don’t take foolish chances because you think you can’t loose. Don’t gamble with your energy and don’t be overly aggressive. Win with charm and generosity.

Gemini – Venus and Jupiter transit the 12th house of spirituality and behind the scenes activity. Do use this energy for good in the world. This can be done through prayer and quiet charity. You may experience prophetic dreams. Do lend a hand to a friend in need. Don’t hide away from the world or manipulate others emotionally from behind the scenes. Keep your love life above board. One of the tests of love is to be open and caring. Don’t overindulge your fears but do forgive past hurts.

Cancer – Venus and Jupiter transit the 11th house of hopes, wishes dreams and friendship. You do love to indulge your friends and loved ones and you can be a bit extravagant at this time. Accept the good that comes to you now with humility. You can enjoy a shared body rub with sensual oils. Don’t go overboard in physical pleasure with new people – get to know then for a while. Don’t be jealous of others good fortune and you may attract some fortune of your own. Make the glow last.

Leo – Venus and Jupiter transit the 10th house of career and social success. Do go out and about and put your best foot forward. Do make time for social advancement and business success. You can think big but make sure you have a practical approach for achievement. Don’t allow your self indulgence, laziness or fear to hold you back. Do not be egotistical or over confident (especially with the boss) but be willing to take advantage if the fickle finger of fate points your way.

Virgo – Venus and Jupiter transit the ninth house of long distance, education and abstract thought. Do take every opportunity to expand your mind and understanding beyond your limits. New ideas can bring great pleasure and a sense of what is to come for the world. Don’t be fanatical about your beliefs for a truth may not be the truth. Don’t be stubborn or inflexible and travel where it is safe to go. Opportunity comes through foreign places and ideas so keep your mind and faith open.

Libra – Venus and Jupiter transit the eighth house of sex, shared resources, money and renewal. Do take advantage of the benefits that come to you through your partners. Do accept an inheritance of some kind and do start a new investment plan. Don’t allow foolish desires to lead to waste and decay. Foolish investment like foolish pleasures can ruin your future plans so make sure you and your partner have the same commitment to the future. Deepen psychic and spiritual bonds.

Scorpio – Venus and Jupiter transit the seventh house of relationships and coming before the public. Do take advantage of any opportunity to come before the public, they’ll love the way you shine. Do enjoy the achievements of your partners both personal and business for some goodness can rub off on you. Don’t overstep your boundaries to show off or grab attention, don’t be extravagant and don’t allow any jealousy or manipulation to ruin the day. Enjoy harmony and love.

Sagittarius – Venus and Jupiter transit the sixth house of work, health and personal transformation. Do work hard and do work smart for your efforts may be noticed and a promotion or increase in salary can come your way. Do start a disciplined approach to health and diet that will make you look and feel great. Don’t be excessive with food, don’t be lazy when you should be productive and don’t get sick or hurt by being careless. This can be a time of benefits so enjoy a positive life style.

Capricorn – Venus and Jupiter transit the fifth house of romance, children, creativity and speculation. Do take every opportunity to enjoy the sensual and creative side of life, Do use this time to express yourself in some creative fashion, and do take the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of life that come your way. Don’t be fooled by a romantic fantasy – if it hasn’t proven itself. Don’t overindulge in food and drink. Share your positive emotions not your weaknesses.

Aquarius – Venus and Jupiter transit the fourth house of home, family and your emotional foundations. Do take every opportunity to improve your home and make it more comfortable. Do treat your family to the best of your being. Do create emotional stability through your home and family. Don’t run away from the difficulties and challenges of the real world. Don’t be overly sensitive and protective. Use this time to build new emotional and personal foundations.

Pisces – Venus and Jupiter transit the third house of travel, learning and communications. Do use this time to tackle a new learning experience, Do travel for fun and business. Do use your analytical skills to be more of an expert and communicate with power. Do not become a dilettante. Do not be over-optimistic when you need to be realistic about what you need to accomplish and do not be side tracked by pleasurable thoughts that come your way. A positive mind is a powerful mind.