Aries – Venus in the 8 house intensifies your sensual nature. You might find that you have the ability to join your resources with those of others for productive purpose and financial gain. However her square to Mars in the 5 house warns not to gamble with other people’s resources unless you have their full agreement and cooperation. You should also not allow the pleasure principle to blind your common sense. Stay away from jealousy and manipulation in romance.

Taurus – Venus in the 7 house demands that you get out in front of the public for your steady nature will help you build partnerships on a personal and professional levels. However, her square to Mars in the 4 house warns you against pushing your personal agenda too hard. You must realize that you have public responsibilities and responsibilities to your partners and your family. Don’t allow anyone’s need for public recognition to create a conflict at home.

Gemini – Venus in the 6 house inspires a sense of creativity in your work. If your work is mundane, you may be able to enhance your work conditions or create more social interactionHowever her square to Mars in the 3 house warns you to be careful not to make demands or ask for too many favors. Other people may see you as pushy or excessive in your demands. You may be wiser to focus on your efficiency at work and your sense of well being. Watch your diet.

Cancer – Venus in the 5 house increases your ability to seek out and enjoy pleasure. Take every opportunity to meet new people if you are single or have a romantic dinner with your mate.

However her square to Mars in the 2 house warns you not to be excessive with your budget. If your trying to impress someone with your wallet it may wind up empty. And too much pleasure may be detrimental to your well being. Impress others with your creative approach.

Leo – Venus in the 4 house puts a wonderful sparkle on family activities. Do some yard work, paint the kitchen buy something new for your home or take a family vacation. However her square to Mars in the 1 house warns you that not everyone wants to follow your agenda so don’t push too hard. Family members may have their own needs and desires so you should consider them first. Also please realize they might not be feeling as energetic as you are.

Virgo – Venus in the 3 house is great for talking and sharing new ideas to your friends. Don’t waste this time staying home, travel around the neighborhood you may meet some new friends.

However her square to Mars in the 12 house warns you to be selective in what you say to others. Secrets should remain secrets. If you feel you need to spill the beans or heal your spirit go to a trusted professional advisor. Your intuitive sense and your logical mind might not be in sink.

Libra – Venus is in the 2 house inspires you to go shopping but before you do, make sure you have some extra money to spend. Check your bank balance and your investments. However her square to Mars in the 11 house suggests that friends may tempt you to too much to have a good time. You may also want to impress others with your fashion sense. Think before you act in group situations and please remember to allow common sense to be your guide

Scorpio – Venus is in the 1 house inspires you to pamper yourself. You may buy some new clothes, go to a salon or attend a lunch at a trendy new restaurant. Its all about appearances. However her square to Mars in the 10 house warns you that looking the part is not as important as having real substance behind you. If you want to impress higher ups than maintain a conservative and productive approach in business. Remember the proof is in the pudding.

Sagittarius –.Venus is in the 12 house inspires you to spend some time alone. Make sure you keep your actions and thoughts above board. No secret romances or pleasures allowed.. However her square to Mars in the 9 house may fool you into thinking that you can justify anything. All you need is a compelling argument. You would do better to focus you mind on the ethical impact of your actions. Actions speak louder than words, don’t learn that the hard way..

Capricorn – Venus in the 11 house inspires you to contact friends or go out with new people so you’ll feel your part of a social group. Opportuni come through the arts and entertainment. However her square to Mars in the 8 house warns you not to be too enthusiastic in your social pursuits. You may be dealing with people who have a hidden agenda or different values. You would be wiser to slow down, control your desires and deepen your understanding of others.

Aquarius – Venus in the 10th house inspires you to seek success and recognition through your career or social contacts. Influential people can help you advance your professional goals. However her square to Mars in the 7 house warns you to watch your actions and control your emotions particularly when in the public eye. You may be too pushy for your own good and friends may turn into enemies. Maintain a sense of balance and flexibility to keep the peace.

Pisces – Venus in the 9 house inspires you to broaden your interest in education and far away places. Understanding different people and cultures can add more color and spice to your life. However her square to Mars in the 6 house warns you not to forget that there is work to be done. You must maintain a sense of reality and be efficient in your work. You may be dreaming of tomorrow and forget about today. No one is perfect but a little effort maintains high standards.