Aries – Venus visits your sign 3/23 – 4/16 she brings benefits through love and harmony. So make peace… use the power of attraction to get what you need and want but don’t be selfish. Her light also favors romance in July and October

Taurus – Venus visits your sign 4/16 – 5/10 she helps settle you down so you can enjoy the pleasant side of life. Make sure you take advantage of opportunities for love and romance but don’t over indulge. She also helps in January and late July

Gemini – Venus visits your sign 5/10 – 6/4 If you’re free, she tells you its time to go out and flirt. If you have a mate do something romantic like dinner and a show. Talk to your heart and souls content. She also smiles on you in February and late August

Cancer – Venus visits your sign 6/4 – 6/27 You’ll be full of gentle emotion and tenderness so take care of the one you love. You’ll really enjoy a candle light dinner at home with your main squeeze. She also smiles on you in March and September

Leo – Venus visits your sign 6/27 – 7/23 Its party time Leo so open up the flood gates of creative entertainment. You can’t hide in the closet while the world loves you – show them your stuff on center stage. She also smile on you in April and October

Virgo – Venus visits your sign 7/23 – 8/17 this is a great time to exercise to stay fit. loosen up a bit.. spend some money on clothes that make you shine and enjoy the company of your friends. She also smiles on you in April and November

Libra – Venus visits your sign 8/17 – 9/12 you are the great romantic and Venus rules your sign so romance… pleasure and other benefits may come your way. Step out into the limelight and shine. She also smiles on you in February and May

Scorpio – Venus visits your sign 9/12 – 10/8 You never loose your intensity but now you should add a bit of magnetism to your magic. Passion and pleasure are yours to command. Be emotional. She also smiles on you in March and June

Sagittarius – Venus visits your sign 10/8 – 11/6 Freedom is your birth right but loneliness does nota happy Sag make. Reach out to one of your many admirers it may become a romantic adventure. She also smiles on you in April and July

Capricorn – Venus visits your sign 1/11 – 2/2 open your heart to the warmth you truly need and deserve. Its time for fun, a bit of extravagance and perhaps a get away to the sun. Don’t be alone. She also smiles on you in April August November & December

Aquarius – Venus visits your sign 2/3 – 2/27 your unique style and intellectual air always help you stand out in the crowd. Now your warmth and grace can attract new and interesting admirers. She also smiles on you in May and August

Pisces – Venus visits your sign 2/27 – 3/23 This can be one of the high points of your year as charm, creativity and beauty create a magical glow that attracts a beautiful spiritual relationship. She also smiles on you in June and September.