Venus Transit Capricorn All Month
Virgo – Venus shines her gentle light in your fifth house all month. This is the house associated with romance and pleasure and even if you don’t excel in these areas an opportunity time is here. Show off your creativity, take a bit of a gamble in romance and get out and enjoy the beauty of nature.  Venus brings the blessings of wonderful energy you can enjoy some sensuality and romance.  If you’re single, keep your eyes open for someone new they may enhance your life.
Mercury Retrograde Square Saturn February 18 & 19
Virgo – Mercury goes retrograde into your sixth house of health and work.  This suggests you need to be careful with your energy and nerves. You can’t be effective if you’re confused so follow directions carefully.   A challenge from Saturn your third house over the 18 & 19 warns you to think before you speak and watch where you’re going. Don’t trip yourself up ….  effective communications require both details and clarity.
Neptune is Pisces Conjunct the Sun February 23
Virgo – Neptune transits your 7th house in Pisces, the sign he rules.  This energy will increase the feelings of love and attraction for another and you may elevate your relationship to a higher spiritual level. Keep one foot on the ground when engaged in business.   The conjunction to the Sun on the 23 rd can bring confusion or illumination when dealing with the public.  Use common sense, appreciate others ideas but don’t take foolish risks.



Mars transits Virgo and your 1 st house through July 4 2012 and he is retrograde until April 14, 2012. He is an aggressive and energetic factor. Take personal action carefully don’t be too aggressive or pushy and make your judgments slowly remember the hair and the turtle. Jupiter moves through Taurus and your ninth house till June. Open your mind to new ideas and different ways of thinking. Seek knowledge through education, experience and travel. When Jupiter enters your 10th house and Gemini June be careful not to bite off more than you can chew your career. You may come under the spotlight which can make you feel uncomfortable. You must have faith in your abilities to succeed. Saturn transiting through your 2 nd house tells you to keep track of your resources so you don’t feel poor. Money isn’t everything but how you make it and spend it is important. you may have to work hard at developing your talents but there will be a reward. Neptune transiting your 7 th house can bring spiritual meaning through personal and professional relationships. Your relationships grow through sensitivity and idealism. Compassion adds a spiritual quality to love.

Uranus – Pluto Challenge 2012

The fireworks are here Virgo Uranus transiting the 8 th house brings energy and renewal to your emotions. Old conditions die so new opportunities can be born. You are very psychic and intuitive. Be careful with other people’s money. Pluto transiting the 5 th house pushes you to fundamentally change the essence of your creative self expression. Do you enjoy life or are you paralyzed by fear of rejection. Develop a positive ego. The conflict you must manage is to use the depth of your intuition and the lessons you have learned by sharing with others to overcome your fears. Creativity brings rebirth. Fear brings failure