The new moon colors the month with vibrant energy.  Venus and Neptune opens the door for lovers to embrace and the cosmic challenge stimulates action and tension in our lives.

Virgo – A new moon in your 8th house of sensuality and renewal brings new growth.  This is a good time to look at yourself carefully.  Understanding your successes and failures can bring deep illumination.  Renewal can be yours if your willing to blend your energy with others. A huge energy shift occurs towards the end of the month so check out the Cosmic Challenge.

Virgo – The Conjunction of Venus and Neptune is in Pisces and your 7 th house is illuminated by this energy which can bring a higher spiritual quality to your relationships.  You may sense a deepened connection to your partner which can increase the bounds of love.  Use the power of understanding to create harmony in business dealings and put your best foot forward in the public market place. Practice good public relations in business and politics you can never tell where love awaits.

Virgo – the Cosmic Challenge – Mars stimulates action in your 2 house of money warns you to think twice before spending your hard earned dollars.  Be aware that his opposition to Uranus in the 8 house may bring unexpected reactions and jealousy if you are too willful or sensual.  Jupiter in the 11 house warns you not to be swayed by the emotions of others for they may be manipulative and Pluto in the 5 house reminds you that hidden  pleasure can  exact a painful price.  Use your resources wisely, don’t bend the rules for quick rewards, deepen your creative response to challenges, and judge you friends by their actions.  Satisfaction comes through personal effort.