Virgo – Jupiter retrograde in your 1 house and can bring some challenges if you don’t control your feelings and expression. You must not be too critical of other or of yourself. Review the image you project and then adjust the focus of your energy on self improvement.
Virgo – Saturn’s retrograde in your 4 suggests you review your deepest personal experiences. Do you feel emotionally secure or inadequate? Your home and family should give you a sense of protection. With out support the world can be a lonely place.

Mercury enters Taurus and Venus enters Aries on April 5, 2016 Virgo – Mercury enters your 9 house. Enhancing your ability to learn new ideas and concepts. Keep your mind open to travel or attend a class. Focus on your goals.
Venus brings her charm to your 8 house adding a sense of cooperation in business activities and gentleness in intimate relationships. You intuition is enhanced and you may feel a sense of psychic renewal.

Virgo – Mars goes retrograde in your 4 – consider the actions you have taken to build a sense of security in your life. Family issues may need extra attention so take care of problems at home, be they personal or practical. Take time for counseling, therapy and healing emotional issues.

Virgo – Pluto Retrograde in the 5 th house of pleasure compels you to examine your creative and romantic activities. You need to enjoy the pleasures of life but you must make sure that your impulses don’t hurt you or others. Children of the mind or body may need extra attention just don’t let them wear you down save some energy for yourself. Develop your creative intuition and harness the power of your soul.