Virgo – The month begins with a powerful Jupiter Pluto Square. Expansive Jupiter in your 2 house of resources is challenged by the purging power of Pluto in your 5 house of extravagance. You’ve had opportunities to make money but you need to be careful with your budget. However, the square to Pluto in your 5 house warns you not to be greedy or overindulgent which would put you in a bad position. Don’t gamble, invest for the long term. Be wise and enjoy those you love on a deeper level.

Virgo – Saturn is retrograde in the 4 house. You must learn from your deepest personal experiences. Do you feel emotionally secure or inadequate? Is your home and family the rock that builds personal confidence so you can meet your duties in the outer world? If you aren’t getting support you must find out why. You may have to re balance family and career duties.

Virgo – Mercury begins the month retrograde in your 9th House suggests that the small details of life may be a bit out of sync which can mess up your understanding of the big picture. Understand that not everyone thinks the way you do. Impulse can lead to misunderstandings so control your actions. Check over what you’re saying and writing twice.

Virgo – Mars moves into in your 10 stimulating your ambition and drive for success. You’ll be willing to work hard to get ahead and you may get cooperation from those in power. Be careful to keep your methods above board. You want recognition and you have the courage to pursue it. Discipline and hard work help over come obstacles but do not steam roll over others.