Virgo – (1) the month begins with the Sun and Mercury in Leo 12 house of limitations opposite Saturn in Aquarius and your 6 house. You need to be careful with your daily routines and work responsibilities. Thinking of success is not the same as attaining it. Speak carefully for a Sun-Mercury Square to Uranus in your 9 house can aggravate other people if you express yourself forcibly. Understanding wins the day.

Virgo – (2) the second week begins with Venus opposition to Neptune from your 1 to 7 houses. This can be a very difficult energy that pits your needs and feelings against the needs and beliefs of partners. Keep your words clear. Don’t create confusion. A nice Venus-Pluto trine from your 5 th house may soothe upsets based on different values. Use negotiation to gain a deeper understanding of others, it may lead to kiss and makeup

Virgo – (3) the third week is disrupted by Uranus going retrograde 9 house of higher mind. You must be careful not to be too pushy or determined if you run into a conflict of belief or understanding. Keep your cool. This will be extremely important as the Sun will oppose Jupiter from the 12 to 6 houses. This energy suggests conflicts based on fear, extravagance, or insecurity. There may also be misunderstandings on the spiritual level.

Virgo – (4) The fourth week features much easier energy as Venus in the 2 house trines Saturn in your 6 house. This combination brings the promise of cooperation and practicality in financial issues. You may be able to put some money in the bank. Mercury in the 1 house trine Pluto in the 5 will support romantic gestures with partners. This will pave the way for a cooperative adventure that can lead to shared happiness.