Virgo, the month begins with a gentle burst of energy that highlights your fourth house. Be open to new ideas about security and family issues. Who do you love the most treat them well and decorate the house.

Virgo – Venus in the 3 rd house is great for getting out and about, talking and sharing new ideas with your friends. Don’t staying home, travel around the neighborhood – you may meet some new people. This is a good time to investigate that special gift you want to buy, plan a trip or do something to heal your mind. Listen to your intuitive sense, it may be deeper than you think.

Virgo – Mars in the 2 increases your drive for success and your ambition to make money. You love to run things your way and you should make an attempt to invest your energy in something concrete. Make sure you pay attention to details. His Opposition to Uranus on December 10 th in the 8 can bring some challenges when dealing with other peoples resources. Know what is yours and what is not. Be careful with investments as well as intimate issues. Cooperation is mandatory now.

Virgo – the Full Moon Christmas illuminates your 11 th house of friends and group associations. One of the best gifts one can give is their time to support those in need. Be willing to give your best through volunteer or other group efforts. This can help create warm and important social contacts. You may find both outer recognition and a deep sense of personal satisfaction.