Virgo – the month opens with a beautiful Venus and Jupiter sextile that connects your 11th house of Associates with your 1st house of personality. You have a green light to indulge your dreams and fantasies by joining with friends to celebrate all the good things of life. You may even be able to win over a few hearts. The trick is to express the best of your personality without losing humility. Good fortune comes by joining with others to improve the world.

Virgo – The Sun and Mercury in your 11 house oppose Pluto in your fifth house of personal creativity and romance. A need for pleasure or a romantic interlude may be calling but do not be selfish. Share your energy and creativity on a social level. The Venus Square to Uranus in 8 your suggests you take time to renew your energy so you can be more effective when working with others. You creative ideas may hold greater potential when working in a group.

Virgo – the conjunction of Mercury and Venus 12 will be helpful in all types of contemplative or work behind the scenes. This is not to say you’re being secretive or sneaky but rather that you are taking some time to delve below the surface of your life. The trine to Saturn in your 4 suggests you take a practical approach to emotional bonds you share with others. You need to feel a sense of security that will empower you to take on the world. You will only find this with the ones you love.