Virgo – (1) the month begins with Mars in Leo and your 12 house of limitation in opposition to Saturn in Aquarius in your 6 house of routine. You must be clear concerning your desires and responsibilities or you may run into opposition at work. Venus will also oppose Saturn from the 6 to 12 house further suggesting that the issue might be one of differing values or trust. Know what is expected of you and discharge your duty.

Virgo – (2) the second week begins with a conjunction of Venus and Mars in the 12 house of limitations as the lovers come together. This is a more favorable energy than last week and it can present a time to gain rest and understanding. Take time to heal yourself. A beautiful Sun Neptune trine that connects your 11 and 7 houses suggest you may find the help and support you need from a business or romantic partner.

Virgo – (3) the third week is energized by Mercury in Cancer and the 11 house sextile Uranus in Taurus and the 9 House. Friends who share your views can be very helpful to seek out the guidance you need. You may also meet some interesting new people. However, a Venus Jupiter opposition connects your 1 and 7 houses cautioning you against excess in partnerships or when dealing with the public. Stay in control of yourself.

Virgo – (4) The fourth week features Mercury in the 11 house opposite Pluto in the 5 house. You may hear some disturbing news concerning a friend or group of people. You may no longer want to associate with them. Jupiter enters Aquarius 6 house and opposes Mars in Leo and the 12 house suggesting it is very important you control hidden impulses. Be more aware of the bad habits that trip you up and change them.