Virgo – the new Moon falls in your 7 th house of relationships and public relations.  This energy can bring you or a partner into the public eye.  Be cool, collected and professional for overly emotional actions will not do. Be sensitive and show loved ones how much you care

Saturn Retrogade
Virgo –  You must learn from the experiences you have encountered over the past year.  Has new information confused you or have you assimilated a new way of thinking.  New ideas are coming your way but they must be useful and practical.  Your ability to influence others rests on communicating in a simple yet effective manner.

Mars Retrograde
Virgo – reevaluate the actions were taken in business and Financial affairs. You must know what you value in what you want to achieve.  Watch spending habits, save money and and don’t gamble foolishly.  Set a flexible yet wise budget and only adjust it when it is absolutely necessary.