Virgo – the Taurus New Moon in your 9th house of higher education and distant places can bring new opportunities in the areas of learning and travel. This is an excellent time to start a new course of study that’ll expand your mind and broaden your understanding of the world. Just remember that diplomacy can take you much further than blind aggression. Make a plan to move up in the world.

Virgo – Mars moves forward in your 2 of money, possessions and personal values. This energy can increase your ambition and give you more drive for success especially in financial terms. If you have a good money making idea, this may be the time to put it into action. You’d love to be running the show but you may come on too strong so cooperation with others is important. Impulse can override logic Pay attention to details and don’t be extravagant.

Virgo –You’ll love the sense of excitement as Venus joins Uranus in your 8 house. Normally Venus brings a sense of cooperation in business activities and gentleness in intimate relationships as she transits the 8 house. This can add a sense of renewal to your very being. However, when Uranus joins this loving planet it can rattle your cage. Your are one of the most practical and normal acting signs of the Zodiac so when Uranus brings extra sensory and extra sensual experiences you may want to hide. But please don’t. If you need change this may be a great opportunity. This is a time of rebirth and renewal so ready yourself to move to the future.