Virgo – Mercury begins the month retrograde in your 9th House suggests that the small details of life may be a bit out of sync which can mess up your understanding of the big picture. Understand that not everyone thinks the way you do. Impulse can lead to misunderstandings so control your actions. Check over what you’re saying and writing twice. Mercury’s direct motion on the 22 nd will help eliminate any mis understanding and bring a new sense of direction toward reaching your goals and personal ambitions.

Virgo – Jupiter moves direct in your 1 house of personality bringing a new wave of positive energy. You’ll have the courage to conquer personal restrictions and express your true feelings. You were meant to shine and this can be your moment. A Positive attitude brings positive results by opening doors to new opportunities so act with confidence and optimism. Express yourself with courage and expand your realm of influence. Generosity wins the day.

Virgo – the Full Moon falls in your 4th house of home, family & personal security. You need to be sensitive to the needs of family members who may be a bit strung out. Give your support but not your opinions unless asked for. Home and hearth should help recharge your batteries so you can take on the world. This is an important placement for physical and emotional security.

Virgo – Venus in the 10th house inspires you to seek success and recognition through your career or social contacts. Influential people can help you advance your agenda and professional goals.
Her opposition to Mars in the 4 house warns you against pushing your personal agenda too hard. You must realize that you have public responsibilities and responsibilities to your partners and your family. Don’t allow anyone’s need for public recognition to create a conflict at home.