Virgo – The month begins as Mercury is transiting your eighth house of sensuality and the psychic. The wrong words at the wrong time can hurt feelings. A challenge from Saturn and Pluto in the fifth house warns you not to mix business with pleasure. Venus brings her charm to your 8 house adding cooperation in business and gentleness in intimate relationships. Her trine to Jupiter in your 4 house on the 9th enhances your sense of security as bonds grow stronger. Mercury transits your 9 house and trines Saturn and Pluto in your 5 house from the 16 – 18 th. Trouble comes through the aggressive pursuit of pleasure. Pluto compels you to examine creative and romantic activities. The trine from Mercury in your 9 house enhances your ability to learn new ideas and help open doors to success. The Square to Neptune in your 7 on the 29 th can challenge your inspiration. But do not be fooled by false compassion.