Virgo – Venus and Mars are traveling together in your 1 house of personality to open up the month. Use the first week to make presentation or visit romantic places. The spotlight is shining so take advantage of any opportunities to express your ideas and meet new people. Just remember that the best way to impress others is to have a sincere interest in what they are doing with their lives. The Secret of Love is creating common ground

Virgo – the New Moon on Nov 11 falls in your 3 house of mind. This is a complex and intense Moon that combines the power of Scorpio and the energy of the Sun and Mercury. You can be a bit picky about yourself and others but now you should be careful, for sharp words can create deep wounds. If you’re going to be detail oriented make sure you’re dealing with numbers and facts rather than people. Use your talent to analyze information to become an expert, not a critic.

Virgo – Venus transiting Libra, the sign she rules and your 2 house of resources inspires you to use your talents and new abilities to make more money. Than you can plan to go on a shopping spree. However her opposition to disruptive Uranus 8 warns you to check your investments and bank balance. The same can be said about the energy you share with people. Intensity and sensuality can make you feel a bit uncomfortable use your common sense.

Virgo the Saturn Neptune Square is a challenge of divergent forces that pits reality against illusion. Saturn in your 4 requires a practical approach to home and family matters. You need a deep sense grounding. But Neptune in the 7 brings you into contact with more nebulous ideas and people. Sensitivity and compassion to the needs of others will help your relationships grow & glow.