Virgo – Neptune in your 7th house suggests there is more to love and relationships than is commonly taught. The character of the two people must be weighed in the scales of Justice. A spiritual bond will last longer than money in the bank. This is not a good time to take your partner for granted or to take foolish risks. You or your partner may step onto the stage of life. The Sun’s trine to Neptune in the 3 opens your mind to new understanding. You have beautiful ideas…. now you must find the right words to express them.

Virgo Uranus 8 has brought you extra sensory and extra sensual experiences because this is a time for rebirth and renewal. This may make you feel uncomfortable because you are one of the most practical and down to earth of all people. A beautiful trine from Venus in the 4 house puts a wonderful sparkle on your home and family. Plan something special like a romantic weekend at a ski resort or a Caribbean Island. Or buy a big TV.

Virgo – Mars moves into in your 6 stimulating your work ethic adding a new sense of purpose. If you have lost ground over the past few months, make up for it now as your energy kicks into high gear. Handle new responsibilities with a cool head and steady hand helping you stand out in the crowd. Watch your diet. exercise can calm your nerves and improve your health.

Virgo – The Mercury Saturn conjunction 4 warns you to control your emotions and not allow fear to color your feelings. A powerful connection between your thoughts and emotions may get out of hand. Keep your mind clear in any discussions that will effect your home and family. Handle personal matters with wisdom, don’t react quickly, and don’t allow fear to rear its ugly head. You may need to make some household repairs.

Virgo – A powerful conjunction of Venus and Pluto in your 5 intensifies your need to express your talents and find the romance in your life. Rejections must be understood so you can heal any psychological damage and revitalize your creative abilities. Understand the process of creation on a deeper level. The square from Jupiter in your 2 is excessive warns you not to be careless with your budget. Impressing someone with your wallet – may empty it. Too much pleasure may be detrimental to your well being.