Virgo – (1) the month begins with Mercury in your 2 house of resources and money Squ Pluto in your 5 house of creativity and pleasure. This repeats October’s challenge. Make sure you know all the facts before making an investment, romantic or creative decision. The New Moon opposes Uranus suggesting that people will be too willful and erratic especially if they have different beliefs and ambitions. If you run into disagreements you may have to back off or seek a new understanding in a relationship. Venus enters Capricorn and your fifth house at the end of the week bringing the possibility of a new romance.

Virgo – (2) the second week begins with Mercury and Mars together in your 3 house of communications and intellect. They both Square Saturn in your 6 house of daily routine. The excess energy of Mars and Mercury can bring disputes into your surroundings. Make sure you know what you’re talking about before questioning others. Your mind is moving very fast so slow down your mouth. You should also be careful in travel or planning. Since both planets Square Saturn in the 6 th house you must use caution in challenging work situations. You may think you have all the answers but do you?

Virgo – (3) the third week requires discipline as the Sun Squares Jupiter and you may be tempted to push your favorite ideas on how things should be done. Your plans may sound good to you but your approach may need to be adjusted. A boss or co-worker might be on a different track than you are so it’s important to clarify objectives and procedures. The erratic opposition between Mars and Uranus could heat things up as different opinions conflict with reality. There is too much ego and willfulness around. Mercury Squares Jupiter at the end of the week and remember empty ideas are often pushed the hardest. don’t fool yourself.

Virgo – (4) The fourth week features a return to some friendlier energy as Mars in the 3 house of communications trines Neptune in the 7. This combines mental energy with partnership issues and suggests you may experience a personal breakthrough. Your mind is highly intuitive and your sensuality is enhanced. This may help you develop a deep spiritual bond with your partners in business or with loved ones. You should listen carefully to your dreams and intuitions. A Mercury Saturn sextile will help bring ideas down to earth and you may find cooperation through your family or work contacts. Get out and network.