Virgo – The month begins with three interesting 0ppositions. The Sun in the 3 ed house opposes Jupiter in the 9 th. You have a need to understand exactly what you need to know to become more successful. You may be ambitious and want to get ahead but you may need a better education or different work skills. Mercury in the 3 house opposes Uranus in the 9 th. It will be very important that you learn to focus on what is most important. If you keep on chasing the newest ideas, you may wind up confused. This is important for Venus in the 1 st house opposes Neptune in the 7 th. You need to be clear about long term goals. There is confusion in the air so don’t listen to misinformation.

Virgo – week 2 is energized by Mars in the in the 3 rd th house opposing Uranus in the 9 th of ambition. This energy is erratic and can lead to some unexpected or misleading communications. You may have to deal with new technology that is difficult to understand. Hang in there and be willing to spend the necessary time to learn the skills you need in a quickly changing world. This is very important since the New Moon in Scorpio and your 3 rd house opposes Uranus in the 9 th. This is emotionally charged energy that may challenge your everyday view of the world. Make any adjustments you need to make without losing your footing. You need to know that this is the beginning of a new cycle of activity.

Virgo – The 3 week begins with a powerful Sun Mars conjunction is your 3 rd house. Learning and assimilating new information must take priority now for their may be a lot of information coming at you very quickly. You should take some time to set up a plan of attack so you do not become overwhelmed. If you cannot handle all the details ask for help so you don’t become frustrated and make a mistake. If you need to do any traveling make sure you check all the details twice. This is followed by an easy trine between the Sun and Mars in the 3 rd to Neptune in the 7 th house. You could receive some unexpected time off where you can regenerate your spirit. Enjoy some nice company.

Virgo – 4 The month ends as the Sun enters optimistic Sagittarius and your 4 th house of foundations. If you’ve been spending a lot of extra time at work or with career or social responsibilities it may be time to spend more time with home and family members. You may need some emotional support and a sense that there is more to life than work alone. You may still have some responsibilities to handle as Saturn squares both the Sun and Mars from 7 house. Take care of business but remember your partners needs. The month ends with questionable communications as Mercury 4th will square Neptune in the 7 th house. It will be easy to cross wires as people may say one thing and mean another.