Virgo -The month begins with a friendly trine that connects the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Gemini. This is a productive flow of energy that can have a beneficial effect in the area of your career or social status. Be open to new social and business contacts that can be used to advance career ambitions. Powerful friends can give you good advice on how to make some extra money.

Virgo – when Mercury returns to direct motion after the 9 th in your 2, you’ll feel more balanced and your ability to think more clearly may bring new insights to what you value. This is a good time to look at your finances and find a way to increase your income. If you’ve made a bad investment its time to bite the bullet and eliminate losses. Don’t get too emotional, use a logical approach.

Virgo – the recent entry of Jupiter into your 1 house of personality has brought you opportunities for expansion in the area of personal expression. You may gravitate to a leadership position by using a new sense of openness and warmth to inspire others. The trine to Pluto in the 5 house of pleasure deepens your ability to bring a creative vision to life in a practical and rewarding manner. This will not only bring more joy to you but it may also attract a sensual new romance.

Virgo – Venus and Jupiter conjunction in Virgo and your 1 house on the 25 th. You have a green light to express the best of your personality. Use your charm and warmth to stand out from the crowd and attract luck and opportunity. Your ability to enjoy your personal power will allow you to expand your influence among others. People will love your glow but please remember to use wisdom and generosity.