Virgo – the month begins with a New Moon solar eclipse in your 1 st house of. This energy stimulates a need for self expression. Reach out into your world. Meet some new people. Try some new activities. You may find that you’ll attract a lot of nice people into your circle. And when they realize how helpful and caring you are, they’ll share you with their friends. This type of networking will help keep you successful and at the top of your game.

Virgo – Jupiter moves into Libra the sign of justice and public relations and your 2 house of. This energy deals with expansion so look for new ways to make money. Just be careful for you can spend as much as you make. Take a practical approach but don’t be greedy or you will put yourself in a bad position. You can spend a little on baubles but invest for the long term.

Virgo the final Saturn Neptune Square connects your 4 house of emotional foundations to your 7 house of relationships. You can use this challenge to blend the power of illusion to create a new structure in your reality. Saturn in your 4 requires a practical approach to home and family matters. You need a deep sense grounding. But Neptune in the 7 brings you into contact with more nebulous ideas and people. Sensitivity and compassion to the needs of others will help your relationships grow & glow.

Virgo – Retrograde Mercury trines retrograde Pluto on 9/20 fooling you into thinking you have all the answers. Think again and take time to carefully review the way you are acting and projecting yourself. You’ll be happy after the 22 when Mercury goes direct and you have a better handle on what you meant to say. You want to be clear and say what you mean in a positive and non critical way.