Virgo – Venus and Mars the cosmic lovers are moving together in your twelfth house. You may feel you know exactly what you value but think again. Venus is retrograde and demands you spend some quiet time in solitude and meditation to ponder the secrets of love. Mars can inspire you to take action so make sure his impulse is to express her love and understanding. Hidden fears of commitment and intimacy may need gentle compassion.

Virgo – the solar eclipse on the 13 th is a powerful New Moon that effects your first house of personality. It gives you the opportunity to stand out in the crowd and express your self in new exciting ways. You are highly sensitive now and open to new emotions. Use them to express sympathy and compassion they will earn you new friends and a lot of respect. Its important to control your natural sense of worry and criticism because this is the beginning of a powerful new cycle of personal expression.

Virgo – Saturn moves into Sagittarius and your 4 house for the next two years on September 18 th. Its time to get real about your sense of security and important emotional bonds. You need to know how your family and heritage has provided an emotional foundation for you, so you can find a place to stand in the world. This is an important time to find the center of your being. Your inner strength may be tested by the challenges you face in your career or social situation. You may have to cut some ties if they’ve been a drain on your being. Do it now so you can move ahead.