Mercury is retrograde 1/20 – 2/11 Aquarius in your 6 house follow instructions at work and be as efficient as possible. Don’t get confused. 5/18 – 6/11 Gemini in your 10 house keep your mind on business and don’t become distracted. Follow the bosses orders. 9/17 – 10/9 Libra in your 2 house do not break the bank on a promising investment. Watch for unexpected expenses.

Venus Goddess of Love shines on you from 3/18 – 4/11/2015 it’s time to meet new people and travel to the beach you’ll meet an exciting stranger. She visits your sign from 10/8 – 11/8/2015 this is your time to stand out in the crowd don’t be bashful and reach for a new love. Be kind from 7/25 – 9/6/2015 when criticism can hurt you.

Mars asks you to expand your horizons and be adventurous from 4/1 – 5/12/2015 when he’s in your compatible sign of Taurus. Reach out and open your mind to new opportunities and ideas. He is in your 1 house from 9/26 – 11/12/2015 leave your worries behind and put your motor into high gear. It’s time to express yourself and move towards success.

Jupiter starts the year retrograde in your 12 and the sign Leo. This suggests you may want to pull back from outside activity and focus on inner growth. You have many abilities that may be blocked by worry and inhibitions. Inner guidance will help you grow. He moves into your sign and your 1 house on August 11, 2015. This begins a twelve year cycle of growth and opportunity. You will gain more success and influence by perfecting your ability to help others. Be sensitive and caring.

Saturn moves into Sagittarius and your 4 house for the first time in 29 years. You need to examine your sense of security and how your family and heritage has provided an emotional foundation for you to stand in the world. You need to center yourself. He will retrograde back into your 3 house of mental abilities from 6/16 till 9/19. Take this time to review the lessons you’ve learned concerning your ability to assimilate and use knowledge. You must be able to communicate effectively for now its time to move ahead.

Uranus has brought change energy to your 8 house of shared resources for the past few years. He’s given you the energy and opportunity to sense a deep renewal in your spirit. The power of your sensitivity and intuition leads to clarity in your life. The final Square to Pluto in your 5th house will help you renew your interest in the creative and pleasurable side of life. You may find more adventure and satisfaction you commit yourself to an exciting romance or new creative project.

Neptune brings his subtle and creative energy to your 7 house. He inspires you to deepen the quality of your business and personal relationships. Cooperation and love can take on new meaning and light up your life. Neptune is retrograde from June till November so guard your reputation in the public arena.